Jazz Fest Nola

Jazz Fest New Orleans

Probably the second biggest event in New Orleans every year behind Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest like most of the local festivals has grown in popularity over the years and now has visitors from all over the world that attend the two weekend fest. The festival is held at the racetrack in Mid City, about 5 miles outside of the French Quarter. Parking, Rideshares, and the Trolley can all be a pain. The best bet for those with the funds is an Airbnb near the track if you can’t crash a local party. Otherwise, hotels in the quarter are the next best option.

Jazz Fest Acts

Most of the music as Jazz Fest isn’t really Jazz. Big rock acts dominate the scene now, but earlier in the day you can catch some very cool local and smaller acts, including some Jazz. Other types of music with a local flare one of personal favorites, is Zydeco. Brass Bands music is the most popular genre of local New Orleans music. The biggest local act these days from new Orleans is Trombone shorty, and he puts on an unforgettable show. Trombone shorty has made it to the headliners stage these days.

The 2023 lineup

Wu-Tang joins the Sole Rebels, you don’t’ get to see that every day.
Robert Plant and Allison Kraus – They have been touring the past year or so. I have not been able to catch the ex lead singer for Led Zeppelin, so this might be my first chance.
Santana – Can’t go wrong with one of the true icons of Rock and Roll that still puts on a fabulous show.
Ed Sheeran – Not our cup of tea, but about as big as the get with the kids these days. Probably going old school and heading over the catch Steve Miller Band.

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